Last Updated 27th December 2007

Hallee Leah Hirsh 36 years old, born on 16th December 1987 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Hallee landed her first professional acting job at the age of 3 and a half when she appeared in a TV commercial for Disney World. She went to the audition with her big brother who was nine at the time. Disney booked both the Hirsh's as "extras". On the set the camera kept finding Hallee and before you knew it, the producers decided to cut a separate commercial starring just Hallee and Pluto the dog.

A precocious little girl from the start, it has been non stop acting since then.

She has starred in dozens of television and radio commercials, appeared professionally on the stage, guest starred on tv shows and has appeared in many feature films including two Hallmark Hall of Fame made for tv movies!

Her earlier films include 'You've Got Mail', where she appeared opposite Tom Hanks as his character's aunt "Annabelle" and 'One True Thing', where she played the younger version of Rene Zellweger's character and the daughter of Meryl Streep and William Hurt.

Her later work includes being a TV regular on E.R. playing Rachel Greene, taking over from Yvonne Zima who played that character during her pre-teen years.  Hallee has also been a regular on JAG playing Mattie Grace Johnson as well as Daley on Flight 29 Down.

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